Ionut Grecu 3rd Dan

I’ve started karate in Romania when I was 9 years old. I can still remember my Sensei (Vasile Popa) teaching us spinning techniques after he attended a seminar with Hitoshi Kasuya Sensei. I had the privilege to learn all aspects of karate through perseverance and hard work. I stopped when I was 18 when I started University and had a few attempts to come come back but didn’t last long.

In 2011, I moved to the UK and tried to join a couple of local clubs before I found Tomiko Mitsuoka Sensei’s dojo in February 2018. I knew from the first lesson that this is what I’m looking for from karate. The connection with traditional Japanese teaching was back but most importantly the passion for karate.

Ionut is supporting the Chief Instructor in the organisation and development of WSKF England acting as the WSKF England Secretary.