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Pictures from our successful Autumn Seminar

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Requirements for WSKF membership

  1. The Chief Instructor in each country of operation may only be appointed by WSKF Japan Shihankai

  2. There are 2 levels of individual membership
    – Individual full membership registration
    – Honorary membership registration

  3. Organization and Club Registration
    – A country may have more than 1 organization
    – An organization with more than 10 dojos or 200 members can register directly with WSKF headquarters in Japan
    – A Club with more than 20 members can register directly with WSKF headquarters in Japan

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Establishment Declaration

We members of the World Shotokan Karate Federation, firmly reject all forms of prejudice and discrimination.


We hold no position on religion or politics and recognize each individual and each separate organization as self determining entities.


We seek the growth and development of Shotokan Karate and through that the development of world peace. It is our firm decision to found our art as a modern and permanent one, firmly rooted in friendship and understanding between all human beings on the planet.


We seek the development and growth of a world youth and health movement based on mutual understanding between all federated member organizations.


Under these guiding principles we hereby organize and found The World Shotokan Karate-Do Federation


1st June 1990

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History of W.S.K.F. Since 1990

1990 Established 1st June


1991 1st World Championships Ankara Turkey

1993 2nd World Championships Tokyo Japan

1994 1st European Championships Ankara Turkey

1995 3rd World Championships Mexico City

1997 4th World Championships Tokyo Japan

1998 Martial arts delegation by Japan Ministry of Foreign Affairs to Philippines Malaysia & Laos

2nd European Championships Germany

1999 Martial arts delegation by Japan Ministry of Foreign Affair to Turkey,Qatar

2000 5th World Championships Tokyo Japan

2001 3rd European Championships Tbilisi Georgia
Martial arts delegation by Japan Ministry of Foreign Affair to Qatar, U.A.E. & Oman

2002 6th World Championships Stralsand Germany

Martial arts Delegation by Japan Ministry of Foreign Affair to Turkey, Jordan, Lebanon & Syria

2003 4th European Championships Kiev Ukraine

1st Mediterranean Championships Nikosia Cyprus

2004 7th World Championships Tokyo Japan

Martial arts delegation by Japan Ministry of Foreign Affair to Jordan & Kenya

2005 5th European Championships Istanbul Turkey

2007 8th World Championships Tokyo Japan

2008 6th European Championships Bucharest, Romania

2009 9th World Championships Tokyo Japan

2013 11th World Championships Tokyo Japan

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W.S.K.F Activities in support of Karate training and competition.

WSKF will Organize for all levels of International Tournament



W.S.K.F. Japan will dispatch officials and judges for all levels of Karate competition.

W.S.K.F. Japan will organize and run qualification courses for all levels of officials and judges.


Kenshusei (professional instructor training course)



W.S.K.F. Japan will organize instructor training programs emphasizing not only technical excellence but also the development of character.


Foreign  Kenshusei



W.S.K.F. Japan welcomes foreign Kenshusei to train in the aforementioned instructor training program.





W.S.K.F.will operate it’s  courses and training programs not only in Japan but overseas.





W.S.K.F. Japan will send Japanese competitors to competitions overseas in a spirit of friendship and co-operation.


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