Kata – Essential of BUDO

in Karate, there are Kata (forms). Most of them are established in China, then introduced to Okinawa (Southern islands in Japan).
From old time, Karate players improved their techniques by practising these forms. Technique of Karate can be acquired by practising KATA. Recently, people tend to practice by KUMITE (fighting) to win game, and not to practice KATA. KATA is essence of Karate. In KUMITE, you can play only with combative instinct and quick relaxes without learning the forms and techniques. If someone practices only by KUMITE, he/she will not be able to play Karate over the age of 40.
By KATA, you can learn ideal balance, speed and breathing. Today, the era of games, Karate players tend to care how to show their playing style and forms beautifully using KATA,
in which real powerful punch and kick cannot be seen. On the other hand, it does not mean that can get beautiful KATA by getting only speed and power.
My purpose of practising KATA places great importance on the mental aspect. I can calm down myself before starting KATA, I try not to strain and relax myself (Zenshin) when I do forwarding KATA, maintaining dynamic status while performing static movement, and maintaining static status while conducting violent attack, to play KATA with senses of fulfilment and fight (Tsuushin) and to end with no idle thoughts, which is very difficult to achieve. (Zanshin)
I experienced this feeling only twice when I was competitor in games in the past.
I did not notice anyone even audience and judges, and my breathing was perfect in spite of the hard movements. I attained a spiritual state of perfect selflessness and it was great feeling. I practice Karate over 40 years almost every day and every time to achieve this feeling.
From my experience, I found that controlling myself is much more difficult that controlling opponents in the fight.
What I want to say is your mind moves and controls your body.