Mentality – Essential of BUDO

Now, let me talk about mentality. What makes YAIKI bad or good is the people’s minds.
if the person is in the state of spiritual darkness, YAIKI will be bad. In Karate, there is “test
splitting,” which is splitting a plank or stone in two by a hand. If you have anxiety or hesitation in your mind, you cannot split it because it acts brake on splitting a plank.
This is also same in KUMITE and KATA. Hesitation changes dynamics of WAZA (techniques). I myself, when I was young,
I always had to fight with the anxiety and hesitation my mind. As the strong desire to win makes my body inflexible, I could not display its ability and lost a lot. Even when I won a match, I could not win in an ideal way.
I played until the age of 40.I was released from the spiritual darkness at the age of 33.
Before the final match of World Championships, when I was planning strategies, suddenly I felt that I would leave the rest to providence as I did my best until today (actually I practised about 10 hour/day for 2 month before the match).
Then I felt relived, and won in an ideal way in which my body worked involuntarily with disinterest in winning.
After that I continue to play until the age of 40 because I pursued this ideal spiritual moment. My main interest to play Karate is to play in this ideal way, not to win games.