W.S.K.F Activities in support of Karate training and competition.

WSKF will Organize for all levels of International Tournament



W.S.K.F. Japan will dispatch officials and judges for all levels of Karate competition.

W.S.K.F. Japan will organize and run qualification courses for all levels of officials and judges.


Kenshusei (professional instructor training course)



W.S.K.F. Japan will organize instructor training programs emphasizing not only technical excellence but also the development of character.


Foreign  Kenshusei



W.S.K.F. Japan welcomes foreign Kenshusei to train in the aforementioned instructor training program.





W.S.K.F.will operate it’s  courses and training programs not only in Japan but overseas.





W.S.K.F. Japan will send Japanese competitors to competitions overseas in a spirit of friendship and co-operation.