YAIKI – Essential of BUDO


There is a word “YAIKI” in Japanese Archery. It mean the moment of arrows.
Even an arrow hits the target,we can see the way of hitting is bad or not.
You might think that if the arrow hits the target, the way of hitting is not so important.
However, if the arrow has bad “YAIKI”,the arrow can hit the target, but cannot go through an armour or board.
This can be applied to the techniques of KARATE. First class Karate Player’s techniques make people shudder by their speed, power, and control. Immature players can play with speed, but lack something.
Though they might get points, not to improve their techniques with thorough going practices. This is same as bad YAIKI, which lacks something essential in martial arts.
In sports, getting points tends to be considered important. Actually, many Karate instructors teach players how to “win” the match. However, although Karate has an aspect of Sports, It is yet based on the concept of BUDO, martial arts.
Karate is not about winning, the way of winning and the process of challenging a match is most important. In this process, players learn many things, not only technique but also mental toughness.
Doping issues and illegal acts by judges and players in Olympic games are a warped aspect of the doctrine of winning.