Thank you Sensei

We had the honour to host a memorable seminar with Sensei Tomiko Mitsuoka 8th Dan, WSKF England Chief Instructor and Sensei Taro Kasuya 6th Dan from WSKF Honbu Dojo Japan.

There were two days of deep karate knowledge taught with passion, a passion that we hope will inspire all students and drive them to overcome themselves.

Karate starts with Kihon (Basics), a routine that is challenging but so important. It is the foundation you need towards a good Kata (Form). As consequence, a good quality Kumite will follow to complete the way.

Anything we learned, like a new technique or refining one we knew already, or about strategy and how to adapt it in different situations, are just a few things covered in the course.

Beyond all the above we found inspiration, motivation and a model to follow.

Looking forward to the next years Open Karate Seminar.
Until then, there is only one way: keep training!


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